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ICON Intimate Area Cooling Cleansing Mousse

ICON Intimate Area Cooling Cleansing Mousse

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Gentle Cleansing, Deep Hydration, pH Balance! Starting with cleansing is essential for female intimate area care.

Recommended for intimate area cleansing, specially designed for delicate skin, this cleansing mousse offers:

  • Natural Cooling: Infused with plant-derived peppermint for a refreshing, cooling sensation.
  • pH Balance: pH value of 4.0-5.3, balancing acidity and alkalinity while cleansing the intimate area.
  • Soothing Repair: Enriched with urea and organic chamomile extract, moisturizing and soothing to enhance skin's defense.
  • Deep Hydration: Aloe vera and seaweed sugar dual moisturizing formula soothes the skin and replenishes moisture, all in one intimate area cleansing and care.
  • Long-lasting Antimicrobial: Added ethylhexylglycerin. SGS tested to effectively inhibit common harmful bacteria in the intimate area—Staphylococcus aureus and vaginal Gardnerella—by up to 99.9%.

*Alcohol-free, without Paraben/MI/MCI preservatives, soap, or any harmful ingredients.

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